特急 指宿のたまて箱Limited Express Ibusuki no Tamatebako

The design story train between Kagoshima Chuo station and Ibusuki station - the train is named after a legend of Ryugu.

(指宿港発)High Speed Boat Nankyu 10

The boat in service of the route between Ibusuki and Minamiosumi.

JR西大山駅JR Nishioyama Station

The southernmost railway station in Japan

知覧武家屋敷群庭園Chiran Samurai Residence Gardens

A miniature version of Kyoto transplanted into the heart of Satsuma.


茶畑Green Tea Field

Minamikyushu City is the largest producer of tea in Japan.

瀬平自然公園Sebira Nature Park

Mt.kaimondake across the coastline and the pine forests.

佐多岬Cape Sata

The southernmost point of mainland Japan,bounded by the sea on three sides.


さたでい号Underwater Viewing Boat SATA-Day Go

Up close with the colorful underwater world


ホテル佐多岬Hotel Satamisaki

The resort hotel in southernmost point of mainland Japan.


知林ヶ島Chiringashima Island

Beautiful uninhabited island. The sandbar appears on limited time from March to October.

山川製塩工場跡the Site of Yamagawa salt making factory

The power of onsen hot springs is truly amazing.

釜蓋神社Kamafuta Shrine

Make a wish come true at Kamafuta shrine.

番所鼻自然公園Bandokorobana Seaside Park

A Superb View Point of the Combination of Lava and Mt.Kaimondake.

0993-38-0160(Iseebi In)

タツノオトシゴハウスHouse of Seahorse

The only seahorse sightseeing place in Japan.

0993-38-1883(House of Seahorse)

雄川の滝Ogawa Waterfall

Drawn by the mystical beauty.

諏訪神社Suwa Shrine

The two toril gateways side ,as well as the structure and age of the Main Hall ,are very unusual.

パノラマパーク西原台Panorama Park Nishiharadai

This viewing area,439m above sea level,offers a panoramic view of kinko Bay.

清水岩屋公園Iwaya Park

A park with a clear stream and a camp site.


(岩屋公園内)Sakura no Yakata café(Iwaya Park)

A café like Ginkkuji in Kyoto.


長崎鼻Cape Nagasakibana

The birthplace of a legend of Ryugu. You can see the magnificent views of Mt. Kaimondake and white lighthouse.

龍宮神社Ryugu Shrine

Situated on Cape Nagasakibana and enshrining of Princess Toyotama , aka Otohime in a legend of Ryugu. This shrine is believed to bring love and matchmaking.

鰻温泉Unagi Onsen

Unexplored onsen area. Let"s try onsen egg cooked in "Sume" (Geothermal steam cooking).

西郷南洲翁宿泊の家The house of Takamori Saigo

This is the house where SaigoTakamori stayed when he went hunting in Osumi.

知覧特攻平和会館Chiran Peace Museum

Farewell testaments and letters of the Kamikaze pilots are


ゴールドビーチ大浜Gold Beach Ohama

The Golden sand makes the sea look even bluer.

空中テントMagical Stay

Stay in the Air.

0994-27-3120(Reservation number:Minamiosumi Town Tourist Association)

池田湖Lake Ikeda

Various flowers blooming in all seasons gladden your eyes.

道の駅いぶすき 彩花菜館Roadside station Ibusuki "Sakanakan"

Let's get local products for souvenirs!


ねじめ温泉ネッピー館Nejime Onsen Neppikan

A popular hot spring resort offering overnight accommodation,noted for its ""beauty bath"" and gourmet dishes made using local ingredients.


根占港Nejime Port


(根占港発)High Speed Boat Nankyu 10(Nejime Port)