Sand bath / Onsen砂むし温泉/温泉

砂むし温泉Sand Bath

Sand baths offer the unique experience of lying in sand warmed by the heat of hot spring and feeling refreshed and warm to the core 10 minites later.

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山川砂むし温泉 砂湯里 / Yamagawa Sand Bath Sayuri
鹿児島県指宿市山川福元3339-3 0993-35-2669
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その他施設 Other Facility 砂むし会館 砂楽 / Sand Bath Center Saraku
鹿児島県指宿市湯の浜5丁目25-18 0993-23-3900
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  • 山川砂むし温泉 砂湯里/sand bath01
  • 山川砂むし温泉 砂湯里/sand bath02
  • 山川砂むし温泉 砂湯里/sand bath03
  • 山川砂むし温泉 砂湯里/sand bath04
  • 山川砂むし温泉 砂湯里/sand bath05
  • 山川砂むし温泉 砂湯里/sand bath06
  • 山川砂むし温泉 砂湯里/sand bath07


This is an outdoor hot spring bath at the location with a stunning panoramic views of the great nature.
It was chosen as the very best hot spring in the Japanese day spa section on the popular review site.
There are 2 types of hot spring. It is open to men and women on alternating days.

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たまて箱温泉 / Tamatebako Onsen
鹿児島県指宿市山川福元3292 0993-35-3577
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  • たまて箱温泉/Tamatebako onsen01
  • たまて箱温泉/Tamatebako onsen02
  • たまて箱温泉/Tamatebako onsen03
  • たまて箱温泉/Tamatebako onsen04
  • たまて箱温泉/Tamatebako onsen05
  • たまて箱温泉/Tamatebako onsen06

川辺温泉Kawanabe Onsen

100%free-flowing onsen which is popular among local people.The water in the Onsen helps smooth your skin.
The hot water is smooth and the skin becomes clean.The local people go to the hot spring every day.

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川辺温泉 / Kawanabe Onsen
鹿児島県南九州市川辺町平山6180 0993-56-2063
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  • 川辺温泉/kawanabe onsen01
  • 川辺温泉/kawanabe onsen02
  • 川辺温泉/kawanabe onsen03
  • 川辺温泉/kawanabe onsen04
  • 川辺温泉/kawanabe onsen05
  • 川辺温泉/kawanabe onsen06