Tropical Kagoshima鹿児島のすみっこ


指宿市Ibusuki City


Ibusuki city is famous for the unique and special onsen including natural sand steam baths. Especially, it is said that natural sand steam baths can't be found in any other place in the world but here. When you come and enjoy the unique onsen, delicious local food, and the tropical landscape, both of the mind and body can be relaxed simply.


南九州市Minamikyushu City


Minamikyushu City is blessed with abundant nature, and the largest producer of green tea and sweet potato in Japan. (Chiran Tea is especially famous!)
Bandokorobana Seaside Park in the city is a beautiful scenic site where visitors can see Mt. Kaimon called "Satsuma Fuji". Mr. Tadataka Ino, creating the first map of Japan in the 19th century, referred to the location as "a superb view of the world".
There are also Kiyomizu Magaibutsu Buddhist images and Kamafuta Shrine which is popular as a spiritual place.
In the Chiran Samurai Residence Gardens, you can feel the calm atmosphere of traditional Japan.
With its beautiful traditional townscape, the city has been called the "Little Kyoto in Satsuma".


南大隅町Minamiosumi Town


Minamiosumi is the southernmost point of mainland Japan.
Cape Sata is filled with hibiscus and other sub-tropical plants, cape sata really feels like a tropical island grafted onto the mainland. The white lighthouse rising tall on Owa Island, 50m off the southern tip, is one of the oldest in Japan.
Ogawa Waterfall is the beautiful emerald-green pool beneath its seems mystical and strange, perfect for an unexplored, secluded area. This calming place will refresh you in body and soul.